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Equilibrium Natural

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 How would you describe sensitive skin? 

People with sensitive skin cannot use certain skin care and cosmetic products, as they will cause redness, stinging, burning, blotchiness, irritation, dryness, rashes, breakouts and tightness. 

How can you best care for sensitive skin? 

Sensitive skin needs fragrance and chemical free products that are packed full of healing, soothing and calming ingredients to give your skin the love and care it needs. Use natural and organic products to calm and protect your skin.  Note: If you need help with the treatment and prevention of acne then please look at our acne pack.   

This Pack Includes: Cucumber Creamy Cleanser, Skin Rescue and Cucumber Day and Night Cream.    



Cleanse: When you have sensitive skin it is important to not over cleanse, as this will strip away the important protective layer that will reduce your skin sensitivity. It is important to use a gentle and soothing soap free cleanser, that is why we recommend our cucumber cleanser. This natural cleanser is packed full of beneficial ingredients such as; almond oil which will create a protective layer on the face, cucumber oil and cucumber extract which are both known for their healing and soothing properties for a variety of skin sensitivities. 

Soothe & Heal: With sensitive skin there is always the chance that your skin will flair up, when this happens you need a gel that will cool, heal and soothe your skin. Our skin rescue is a successful remedy as it combines aloe vera for it’s soothing and healing effect, cucumber extract to help treat and repair skin, calendula extract which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and gotu kola to speed the healing of damaged tissues and to minimise scarring. It is recommended that it be used up to 3 x a day when there is any sort of flair up. 

Hydrate: When you have sensitive skin it is important to find a cream that is free of any chemicals or fragrances that will cause your skin to flair up. This is why we recommend our cucumber day and night cream, because it is packed full of natural ingredients that will soothe, heal and nurture your skin. As it combines almond oil and shea nut butter to create a protective layer on the face, cucumber extract which is known to help treat and repair your skin if you suffer from skin sensitivities, kelp extract which contains fatty acids to combat skin irritation and inflammation and calendula extract which will promote the fast healing and regeneration of the skin because of its anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties.    


Squirt a small amount of cucumber cleanser into wet hands and apply it to your face in a circular motion, making sure each spot gets covered. Keep massaging in a circular motion for thirty seconds to a minute. Then rinse off with warm water and pat dry with a towel, making sure you don’t rub your face, as this can encourage wrinkles and irritate the skin. 

Smooth a small amount of skin rescue onto face and neck, wait 30 seconds and then use a small amount of our cucumber day and night cream; rub cream in your hands first to bring it to skin temperature, this will encourage absorption and then apply the natural cream in a firm but gentle pressing motion. 


You can also try using our White Tea and Cleansing Milk and Pumice Exfoliant use every couple of days to lift away surface impurities and make up while scrubbing off accumulated dead skin cells, leaving the skin clean, hydrated and smooth. 

And our Vitamin C facial oil, to use at night to let your skin breathe while you sleep and will nourish, rejuvenate + regenerate your skin.  

Use one of our face masks every couple of days to either soothe or restore.