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HEART therapy perfume ROSE oil for the heart to nurture yourself and those you love

Equilibrium Natural

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Equilibrium Natural Collections perfume therapy oils. Our latest range includes our Perfume Therapy oils made from the highest quality natural ingredients. All scents are pure essential oil blends mixed with an organic jojoba oil. These essential oil perfumes are especially designed to provide the wearer with a subtle therapy. Use daily and carry with you to smell amazing and get the essential oil therapy you are after.

HEART: When in need of nurturing and self love. 

TIP: Rub on your heart centre when needed. 


  • The perfect heart oil. Soothes and harmonises the mind and helps with depression, anger, fear and grief.
  • It addresses self-nurturing, self esteem and dealing with emotional problems.


  • A very warming essential oil, great to soothe your body, mind + spirit. 

INGREDIENTS: 3% rose absolute essential oil in jojoba, organic jojoba oil, ylang ylang essential oil.