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Equilibrium Natural

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Awakening essential oil blend will soothe your body and mind and will help stimulate your mind to give you a positive mindset.    


There are so many ways to enjoy the beautiful aromas of pure essential oils so we have listed a few of the main methods that people use. It is important to remember that essential oils are highly concentrated and have to be diluted before use, which means they should not be taken or put directly onto the skin. 

  1. Vaporising: This is the most common method, as the sense of smell is the first point of entry. 
  2. Massage: Is one of the most powerful and effective methods, as the sense of touch is stimulating while the essential oils penetrate the body.
  3. Spritz: spritzing is a fantastic method, as the essential oils are released and dispersed into the air. Spritzing is ideal for your home, office and travel to refresh, revive and balance your senses.
  4. Bathing: Is a beautiful and nurturing method, which will engage all the senses; it will relax both mind and body as the pure essential oils enter the body.

There are so many ways to get the benefits of essential oils but these are our favourites.



Sweet Orange: Is a very calming and uplifting oil.

Petitgrain: Has the relaxing effect and it uplifts the mood and induces positive thinking. This oil will soothe and relax your nerves. 

Bergamot:  It creates a feeling of freshness, joy and energy. It can be a very stimulating oil when you have a bid day at work.  

Lemon:  Is very calming in nature. It also has the ability to refresh the mind and to create a positive mindset by removing the negative emotions. 

Rosemary: Is an excellent brain and nerve tonic, it will help you stay focused and on the task! 

Spearmint: Has a relaxing and cooling effect!