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Coconut & Grapefruit Body Oil: Hydrate, enliven + reduce inflammation with Australian Handcrafted Aromatherapy Oils. SMELL LIKE SUMMER

Equilibrium Natural

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Indulge in the tropical paradise of our Coconut Natural Body Oil, infused with the refreshing essence of Grapefruit and the warm aroma of Vanilla.

Handmade in Australia, our Coconut Natural Body Oil deeply hydrates and reduces inflammation with the nourishing power of coconut oil, while Grapefruit enlivens your senses, leaving you smelling like summer.

This all-natural blend creates a captivating aroma loved by all, especially the Under 30s. Its summer-inspired fragrance doubles as a body perfume, indulging your skin while leaving you smelling irresistibly fresh.

Coconut oil, known for its hydrating properties and antioxidant benefits, is paired with almond oil for easy absorption, ensuring a non-greasy and non-irritating experience, reducing inflammation and moisturizing skin effortlessly.

Grapefruit essential oil, rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, keeps your skin hydrated and toned, while vanilla oil promotes healthy skin with its antioxidant-rich formula.

Pamper your skin daily with our Coconut Natural Body Oil, a perfect moisturizer that not only nourishes but also leaves a delightful scent lingering throughout the day.

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, almond sweet oil, vanilla and grapefruit essential oil.