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BLUE TANSY FLOWER + FRANKINCENSE calm + soothe the most sensitive skin. SCENT lavender + frankincense. PEACE IN A BOTTLE! 100ML

Equilibrium Natural

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Blue Tansy Body Oil.

The divine scents of frankincense & Lavender combined with Blue Tansy that soothes and Calms.

Our Blue Tansy Body Oil is our new adition to our Aromatherapy Body Oil Collection.

Using our extra special Peace Blend that is an addictive aromatherapy scent of Frankincense and Lavender combined with Blue Tansy and other quality oils, this Body Oil will soothe and restore the driest of skin types while making you smell divine.

What is Blue Tansy? Blue Tansy is part of the chamomile family and it is actually the flower that turns our body oil blue! Blue Tansy is soothing and calming on any skin type but is especially good for dry, sensitive skins.

Aroma-Therapy in a Bottle.